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Krabbenkutter vor Hallig Hooge



Living in the North Sea - that is life on the Hallig

Wattwanderer in der Mittagssonne

Worldwide only ten Halligs exist and all of them are situated in the midst of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea.


At Hallig Hooge, our houses are erected on mechanically heaped up dwelling mounds, the so-called "Warft". Here we are safe whenever the North Sea demonstrates its power. "Land unter" means the Hallig is flooded, but the water does not reach the top of the dwelling mounds - quite a normal occurrence for us.


Today as in former times, living in the Hallig means: Life is controlled by low and high tide rather than the time of day or calendar.


To be varied and at the same time unique is not a contradiction for Hallig Hooge: The Halligs are unique and the living space is shared by only a few people with the overwhelming richness of nature. Since centuries living on the Hallig also means to experience pure nature.


Discover the uniqueness of the Halligs!



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