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Culinary Specialities on our Hallig

 We care about your well-being and will pamper you in our restaurants, inns and cafés with typical specialties of the Hallig like "Pharisäer", crab dishes and the original "Mehlbüddel".





Open all-year round:

Open all-year round with alternating operating hours between the café "Königspesel" and the "Seehund" restaurant.



Café Königspesel, Hanswarft

Our cosy café, with two terraces, offers home-style cooking, original Friesian specialties (meals and beverages) and fresh home-made cakes.


Fam. Tolksdorf
Hanswarft 11 a
Telefon: 0 48 49 - 95 10 48
Telefax: 0 48 49 - 91 96

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Gasthaus "Zum Seehund", Hanswarft

Enjoy visiting the oldest restaurant of the Hanswarft and savour our dishes typical for the Hallig. Meals will be served either in our original Friesian style room or on the sun terrace.


Jörg Dell Missier
Hanswarft 8
Telefon: 0 48 49 - 2 26
Telefax: 0 48 49 - 90 99 19
E-Mail: cafe-seehund(at)



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Hallig Café "Zum blauen Pesel", Backenswarft

In our thatched roof Friesian style house we serve you home-made cakes and our specialty, the Hallig pastries, in a cosy atmosphere. On sunny days, relax in our coffee garden.


Karen Tiemann
Backenswarft 2
Telefon: 0 48 49 - 2 31
Telefax: 0 48 49 - 95 10 49
E-Mail: info(at)

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Please inquire of our winter schedule:

Bistro Klabautermann, Hanswarft

Take your time to enjoy sightseeing at the Hallig: if you are hungry we offer pizza to go, crêpes, hot dogs, fish rolls and many other small snacks.


Andreas Bühn
Telefon: 0 48 49 - 27 99 99

E-Mail: sylvia-homann(at)

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Café - Restaurant "Frerk´s Buernhus", Lorenzwarft

Enjoy our home-made cakes as well as regional meals and beverages on our café terraces.


Fam. Rolfs
Telefon 0 48 49 - 2 54
Telefax 0 48 49 - 2 75

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Restaurant "Friesenpesel", Backenswarft

In the oldest restaurant at Hooge, we offer you north-Friesian specialties, in-house and outdoors.


Annemarie Pezzi
Backenswarft 6
Telefon: 0 48 49 - 2 50
Telefax: 0 48 49 - 2 85

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Restaurant "T-Stube", Hanswarft

Our restaurant is situated in the centre of the Hanswarft. It consist of one room with a high ceiling which is constructed of open-lying timberwork under a tapered thatched roof. There we serve you typical Hallig beverages and Friesian delicacies in a cosy atmosphere.


Telefon: 0 48 49 - 2 89
Telefax: 0 48 49 - 2 89

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To give you a first impression of our typical Friesian dishes you can download the following recipe: Porrenpann (meaning crab pan)..





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